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Our Vision

A         Our Vision

The vision of the Newmains Community Trust is:

To create a dynamic hub of activity where community support, social enterprise businesses and training can be delivered where upon cultural activities can flourish in a place that will inspire residents and improve health, well-being, employment, aspiration and community cohesion in a sustainable way.


B         Our Mission

To provide facilities, teams and services to work with, and be an integral part of, the Newmains village and the Newmains area.

To secure the economic sustainability, social sustainability and community of Newmains by partnering with community groups and agencies for the benefit of everyone.


C         Key Deliverables

  1. The Community of Newmains will own and manage a new purpose built Community Hub that will become a viable and sustainable community resource that meets the needs of the local people.
  2. People living in Newmains will benefit from Greater community cohesion as a result of innovative community based activity from the new facility. 
  3. The community of Newmains will have easier access to employability, training information and more opportunities to increase their employability skills via training and volunteering at the Hub.
  4. More people in Newmains will access information and engage with local services to improve their well-being.
  5. A mix of methodologies and marketing strategies that will ensure those who could benefit from the project will know about it and will be able to get involved.
  6. Income Generation through assorted methods:
    • room lets for community and private sectors
    • community cafe sales
    • functions and conferencing facilities
    • together with long term leases for Library and Housing Department.
  7. Grant funding (both revenue and capital) and efficiency savings
  8. Increased partnership working with:
    • statutory bodies
    • service providers
    • similar minded third sector and community organisations.
  9. Identification and continuous review of process and cost efficient practices.
  10. Improve the viability of the Community Cafe as a sustainable source of income and as a valuable opportunity to meet objectives of improving community health, well-being, cohesion and capacity. This will be accomplished by promoting involvement, healthy eating, informal meetings and skill development.
  11. Open communication between directors and teams for improved management reporting.
  12. Provide equal opportunities in employment and avoid unlawful discrimination in employment and against customers.
  13. Monitoring of people who have benefited from this project.
  14. Reports on "lessons learned" and reviews.
  15. Marketing with a holistic approach to sustainability, whilst retaining the focus on community benefit.
  16. Strategic planning for the development of activities, groups and usage of the NCT Centre; including the recruitment and retention of board members, staff and volunteers with  necessary skills.
  17. Meet the strategic objectives and national outcomes identified by the Scottish Government on creating a more successful country with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish by increasing sustainable economic growth. Those objectives are detailed in our Business Plan: Wealthier and Fairer, Smarter, Healthier, Safer and Stronger, Greener.


D         Newmains Community Trust is a registered Scottish Charity and Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee. 

Newmains Community Trust Limited,
Registered Scottish Charity SC042980 and Scottish Company,
Limited by Guarantee SC396456.
Registered office - The NCT Centre 15 Manse Road Newmains WISHAW ML2 9AX

A company limited by guarantee is a democratic structure comprised of members and a board of directors elected by them. Control of the organisation ultimately lies with the members.

Newmains Community Trust is a Charitable Company.  This means its Directors are also the Charity Directors of the Company.


E            Board Structure Summary

The Structure of the Company consists of:

  • The Members and
  • The Directors

In accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement, the maximum number of Board Members is 10 (ten).

For any decision making at any previously arranged meeting of Directors, there must be a quorum present, a minimum of 4 Directors. 

Newmains Community Trust is a Charitable Company.  This means its Directors are also the Charity Directors of the Company.



CHAIR - JOHN HARPER 07770647799


TWITTER: @nctcentre

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