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A Brief History

Big Lottery FundedNewmains Community Trust was established as part of the community regeneration programme within Newmains with funding provided by the Big Lottery.  The funding will provide a purpose built community centre (NCT Centre) due completion in June 2015 .

The Trust established in 2011, is a small but dedicated core of individuals,all volunteers, united by the sole purpose of working towards making Newmains a better place to work and live where individuals have a chance of realising their aspirations.

The initial identification of Newmains as a potential Big Lottery “Our Place” Programme location was put forward by North Lanarkshire Council, leading to Newmains Community Trust receiving initial funding for Phase 1 of the project in 2011.

Through support from Community Enterprises, Coalfields Regeneration Trust , EKOS and other supporters, work was carried out that showed a clear demonstration the need for a community centre.  This enabled the Phase 2 funding application to be completed and securing of £2.3m for building of the NCT Centre as a community focused resource for the wider regeneration of Newmains.

Various site assessments were completed with the central location between Manse Road and Main Street on North Lanarkshire land adjacent to Newmains Library identified as the most suitable physical location.

Unfortunately, due to prolonged and sometimes difficult legal processes the build is running just over 1 year behind schedule.  However, progress has reached a weatherproof stage of the build with community interest increasing on the realisation that having a new purpose build community centre is actually happening.  Completion date is now 26th June 2015.

The experience of undertaking the process of planning, designing and securing the necessary leases combined with tendering and contracting has been a new challenge for all of the Trust Directors involved with a lot of new skills learned and still being learned. 

The NCT Centre is a community owned facility, managed by Newmains Community Trust and is built to modern standards for environment and access containing:

  • A community café for use by all focusing of quality and healthy food
  • A commercial standard kitchen to serve the café and provide catering facilities
  • A main hall, badminton hall size,to serve as a sport, recreation and social venue
  • Meeting rooms for use by clubs and organisations for their activities
  • Dedicated youth space for young people and young people focused activities.


In addition, through partnership working with North Lanarkshire Council the NCT Centre will become the new home for Newmains Library and Newmains Housing Office.

The ethos for Newmains Community Trust is that the NCT Centre should:

  • Provide a “Neutral Venue” for activities that are accessible by all
  • Build on and enhance activities provided locally – not to compete
  • Provide opportunities for activities offered in Shotts and Wishaw here in Newmains


Although the construction of the NCT Centre is underway there is still a lot of work to be undertaking by Newmains Community Trust in preparing for the new challenge in opening and managing the NCT Centre and ensuring it is sustainable into the future. To help achieve this, a full time Development Officer has been appointed and, consultation is taking place with the local communities to identify what clubs, groups, activities and services they would like to see available at the NCT Centre.  So far suggestions, and we still need you to tell us, have ranged from:

  • Gardening Club to Women’s Group(s),
  • Baking and cookery classes to computer classes
  • Toddlers Groups to Elders Groups
  • Heritage Group to Walking Group
  • Painting classes to Music classes
  • Disco evenings to Christmas Pantomime


A number of groups have already been set up.  These groups are based at the Newmains Community Trust Office on Manse Road and includes:

  • Newmains Activity Group for young people to broaden their experience of life
  • Seniors With Energetic Life Styles (SWELS) for “Seniors” looking at living an active lifestyle
  • Gardening Club for all ages and all experience interested in all aspects of gardening
  • “Routes to Work” Job Club helping to move local residents into employment
  • Photography Club, for those interested in all aspects of photography and developing their skills
  • Heritage Group, for those interested in all aspects of the local heritage, old and new
  • Knitt and Natter Group for those interested in knitting


The NCT Centre is a community owned facility and Newmains Community Trust are looking for members of the local community to become involved in helping with the preparations for the opening of the Centre by becoming involved.  Not just in telling us what they want, but to become part of one of the working groups set up for running the NCT Centre helping it to remain focused on meeting the needs of the local community.

For further information please contact John Harper (Chair) at Newmains Community Trust on 01698 386403 or email

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